Minnetonka Montessori



The enrollment process

First, come and visit our classroom and meet our teachers. It will give you a better sense if the Montessori approach is appealing and ensure it’s a good match for your child. We sometimes have capacity for an additional student to join mid-year, but most new children join at the beginning of the school year.

Children typically begin when they're around 3 years old, and stay until they're ready for kindergarten. Parents also have the option of keeping their kids at Minnetonka Montessori for kindergarten.


Our tuition is substantially lower than other preschools, due to our efficient operating structure (only our teachers are paid employees, the rest of the duties are handled by parent volunteers) and healthy reserve fund.

  • Basic school day, 9am - noon: $450 monthly

  • "Stay and play" for younger students, noon - 2:30: $20 per day

  • "Advanced learning" for older students, noon - 2:30: $100 extra monthly

School Schedule

Our basic school day is 9am - noon, Monday to Friday. There are two extended day options until 2:30pm:

  • "Stay and play" is a flexible day-to-day option for younger children.

  • "Advanced learning" is available for older children who are able to work independently on advanced tasks.

School is in session from September through May. We generally follow the Minnetonka public school calendar for summer break, vacations and school closings.

Some parents wonder if their 3-year-old is ready for 5 days per week of school. But kids (and their parents) quickly come to love the consistency of an "everyday" school. The routine dramatically increases their academic and personal growth.



We've had a long-term lease in space owned by the Congregational Church of Excelsior, but our program is not religiously affiliated.