Our Classroom

Experienced Teachers

Our lead teacher and director, Jeanine Wanberg, is a deeply experienced Montessori instructor who has been leading our classroom for over 25 years. Her mentor was trained by Maria Montessori herself. She has mastered the role of "caring guide" and knows each student well, aiding them to discover their strengths and overcome their weaknesses, enabling them to fulfill their individual potential.


Small and Personal Environment

Our classroom is capped at just 20 children, allowing our two teachers to provide personal attention to each one.  Some activities happen in groups, but most of each day is set aside for kids to choose their own activities, building their skills and confidence through uninterrupted concentration.


Developing a Passion for Learning

This is not daycare, it’s a school. There are no toys, the kids do work. There is no technology, only analog materials. But kids love coming here, because they're given stretches of uninterrupted time to develop mastery over many areas, creating an organized, engaged, and focused mind.


Long-Term Stability

Our long-term teachers ensure a stable environment, developing close relationships with students and helping them progress over several years. The kids also grow up together, from curious and hesitant 3-year-olds to confident and kind 5-year-olds, and each child has the opportunity to be both mentee and mentor to others as they progress. This continuity of experience maximizes learning and development. 


What parents say:

Minnetonka Montessori helped my children to become motivated learners, and the benefits of this have extended well into their elementary school years. The headstart it gives children is priceless. As a parent, I loved the 5 mornings a week - I was able to accomplish my tasks during school so I could focus on having fun with my children for the rest of the day.
— Angie L.
Our son was social and curious, but had trouble concentrating. After a few months at Minnetonka Montessori, he was able to truly focus on tasks and see them through, even cleaning up after himself. A (minor) miracle!
— David H.
Our kids’ education is our priority - it’s the main reason we ended up in Minnetonka. After researching all the preschool options, we realized Minnetonka Montessori was the best springboard to prepare our kids for kindergarten. They learn how to learn.
— Kara C.
As a parent you can see visible progress in your child’s learning, independence and increased skills in interacting with peers and adults.
— Robin R.
It may not be as well-known as other larger preschools, but it more than makes up for this with long-term personal engagement between the teachers and the children. It’s a hidden gem.
— Scott S.
I was initially concerned about sending our barely 3-year-old son to school every day. But he loves being there, and is making huge improvements in his ability to cooperate with other kids. Jeanine is an amazing teacher.
— Jill D.